Rishi Kapoor dies at 67

Mumbai: Bollywood actress Rishi Kapoor has died of cancer.

According to Indian media reports, Bollywood star Karshi Kapoor has died at the age of 67 due to cancer. The actor was rushed to HN Reliance Hospital in Mumbai where he was suffering from shortness of breath.

The actor himself had confirmed that he was suffering from cancer and said that he was undergoing regular treatment for his disease which was a very long and complicated procedure which required a lot of patience and unfortunately I lacked patience.
Rishi Kapoor was the father of the famous Bollywood film hero Ranbir Kapoor and was part of the famous 'Kapoor family' of Bollywood whose father was Raj Kapoor.

The actor started his career in 1973 with the film 'Bobby' which was a romantic film while Rishi Kapoor worked with Imran Hashmi in his last film 'The Body' and recently he met Bollywood actress Deepika Padukone on social media. Also announced his new film.

Many Bollywood actors have lamented t…

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